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  • Pigs

    For about 50 years, Van Hessche is the specialist in building and renovating pig stables. Together with our custumors, we try to find the most efficiƫnt way to build your stable, in word and deed.

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  • Cattle

    With numerous references inland and abroad, we assure your cattle will be 100% satisfied with our concrete products. Van Hessche offers you a wide range of cattle slats. We guarantee an enormous comfort of walking with our rough surface. We have different slot widths to meet your needs!

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  • Trench silo panels

    To deliver and place trench silos, you are at the right place. The trench silos are produced with HSR (High Sulphate Resistant) cement to prevent the attack of acids. We also deliver panels with corn brackets or brackets for grass to simplify the silage.

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  • Potato slats

    Van Hessche is the ideal partner to deliver and place potato slats. The ventilation slats are passable with an axle load* of 15 tons. We provide a perfect placement to avoid damages while loading potatoes. Don't hesitate to ask your offer! *wheelprint 40 x 40 cm;

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  • Plastic WOLFA windows

    Plastic WOLFA windows are a simple solution to provide your stable with windows. Different types of windows with single or double glazing available. We offer windows for different types of wall thicknesses. They can be bricked in or cast-in-place. On demand we can deliver windows with another colour or even with a windowsill.

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  • Stallit

    Stallit warm stable floors are isolating, resistant to attacks of acids and urine, durable and abrasion resistant. Ask us for a quote!

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  • Concrete gutters

    Watch our different solutions of concrete gutters to finish your project. Different options available.

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  • Declaration Of Performance

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